How do I switch km/h to MPH on my R40 ?

This feature is currently available on our latest firmware update. 

Please follow below instruction; 

1. Update the KB Drive app on your phone to the latest version.  

2. Install the latest firmware on your R40/R50.


Firmware Installation Instruction 


Download below file into your computer.



  1. Extract (Unzip) the update folder and make sure it is named - update_0.0.2.1
  2. Make sure you have an empty SD card (if possible format the card first)
  3. Copy the update folder (update_0.0.2.1) to your empty Micro SD card
  4. Make sure your R40/50 is turned off
  5. Insert the Micro SD card into the R40/50 
  6. Plug the power cable into the R40/50
  7. Turn the R40/50 on 
  8. You will notice a solid Red and Green light and this will last for about 3 minutes
  9. Once the upgrade is complete, the R40/50 will reboot automatically
  10. When the camera has rebooted, remove the SD card and reformat the SD card (or remove the update_0.0.2.1 folder) to avoid repeating the update process every time. 

Run the smartphone R40/50 app.  When the camera connects to your smartphone via WiFi, you will now see the 'Speed unit' option under settings in the KB Drive App.  Simply select the option you want and that's it!







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