How do I pair the Wrist Remote with X150 ?


The Wrist Remote must be fully charged before it is paired.  Charging takes an hour or so, using the Micro USB cable provided.  You can also do the whilst the Wrist Remote is being charged. 

1. Make sure the X150 is turned off. 

2.On the Wrist Remote, Press and HOLD the RECORD Video & SHOOT Photo buttons together (2 of the bottom buttons) for 5 seconds and then release.

3. Immediately Turn the X150 on 

4. A blue light will appear on the Wrist Remote once the pairing is complete.


NOTE: Once paired, the X150 will recognise the Wrist Remote automatically. 


Wrist Remote LED Indicators Flashing Green: Video is being recorded. This light will also appear when an image is being captured.

If the Wrist Remote has charge in it, the green light will flash. 

Solid Blue Light : This indicates that the X150 and the Wrist Remote are successfully paired. The light will turn off a few seconds after the X150 is turned off.

Solid Purple Light : This light will appear when the wrist remote is being charged whilst the X150 is turned on. You can still use the Wrist Remote when it is charging. Red : This indicates that the Wrist Remote is being charged or that the X150 is not be paired, nor in range.

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