I can't pair the remote control with the drone, the red power light keeps flashing. How do I fix this ?

Make sure the throttle (Left Stick) is in the downwards position before turning the remote control on.

Turn the Remote control OFF

Bring the throttle downwards

Turn the Remote Control ON

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    Teotwawki Je

    I found the fastest & most reliable procedure is as follows: 
    Turn on the drone & wait for the flashing to go from fast to slow.
    Then, with the left stick fully UP, power on the transmitter.
    The transmitter should beep & the drone lights stop flashing. 
    Then move the left stick fully DOWN & its ready to use.

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    They say to pair it by the left stick down first then turn on the remote.. that doest even work.. u have to put left stick up and then down for it to bleep.. I can't even get mine to fly. Going to return it and spend the extra on another one.. I can't belive the trouble I'm having with it after paying £140

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