The Revo Glider is beeping. What do I do?

When the Revo Glider needs your attention or encounters an error, it will emit a series of warning beeps to let you know. This could be for the following reasons:

• You fell off the Revo Glider. The Revo Glider will be able to sense when you unexpectedly dismount and will emit the warning beeping to let you know its sensors have been thrown out. Place the Revo Glider on a smooth and flat surface, then turn the Revo Glider off, then on again.

• You activated the speed alarm. The Revo Glider has an inbuilt speed alarm that will sound when you are moving faster than 10km per hour. Reduce your speed to deactivate the speed alarm. See speed restrictions below.

• The Revo Glider has low-battery. The Display Panel will show a red Battery Icon alerting you to the fact that you should charge your Revo Glider.

• The Revo Glider’s motors are overheating. This is usually caused by pushing the Revo Glider outside of its optimal conditions e.g. riding uphill or over uneven terrain. Please allow the Revo Glider to cool down

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