Firmware - X100 (KBA12009)

This is the latest firmware release for Kaiser Baas X100 (Version 00.05.06)

Note: Please check your firmware version before doing the upgrade. ( Go to Settings > System> System Info . If the firmware is the latest (Ver 00.05.06), do not do the firmware upgrade.)

This firmware fixes the following issues :

  • Error popup message saying "Download the correct app" when you launch the X100 app on your Smartphone.
  • Issues with viewing captured images on Phone and Tablet apps.

Firmware installation instruction

* Make sure the battery is fully charged before you start the firmware upgrade.

  1. Format the micro SD card
  2. Download two of the firmware files and copy into the root directory of the Micro SD card
  3. Insert the Micro SD card into X100
  4. Turn X100 on, the upgrading will start automatically and the LCD screen will turn off during the upgrading process.
  5. The overall upgrade process will take up to 2 minutes. During this time, the Kaiser Baas logo will appear on the display for around 30 seconds and all 3 lights will flash. After around 2 minutes, the lights will stop flashing. You may now remove the SD card and format it prior to using it with the X100.

Note: Make sure you delete the firmware files from the SD card once the update has been successfully completed.

Download File 1
Download File 2
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