Video Processing Tool - X360 (KBA12022)

YouTube and Facebook support uploading and playback of 360° interactive videos. In order to upload a 360° video file, you’ll need to convert the spherical video file to panoramic video through thisX360 Video Processing Tool application.






1. Download the X360 Video Processing Tool application .
2. Install it on your PC and launch the X360 Video Processing Tool application.
3. Import the 360° Video file that is saved on your computer.
Tip: To import, click Add button and browse for the saved location or you can
drag and drop the files into the application.
4. Change the output path if you want to save the file on a different location.
5. Click this button to start processing the video files. You will be able to see the progress during the conversion process.
The length of this process is based on the length of the video.
6. Once the process is completed, you can upload the panoramic 360 video file onto YouTube or Facebook.

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