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Magix Video Easy SE Software Latest Version (V3.0.1.5)

We have a new version of the Magix Video easy SE program, this is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Here is the list of new features -

  • Redesigned interface, with larger buttons and an optimised layout, makes it easier to use
  • Voice over function for video narration
  • Increase or decrease video playback for slow or fast motion effects
  • New Facebook function, upload videos directly to Facebook



Mac OS 10.8 (or above) users must install VideoGlide version 1.5.4 or above to avoid kernel extension warnings when plugging USB devices in.

Please use the same serial code provided to your current version of video glide software , if that does not work please send an email to

Version 1.6.0 Download   
Version 1.5.4 Download   
Version 1.5.1 Download   


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