How do I bind the Gamma Drone with the Transmitter

To operate your Drone, you must first bind the Drone to your Transmitter before every
Ensure your Drone and Transmitter are fully charged and follow these steps in order:
1. Turn on your Drone by holding the power button for 1.5 seconds.
2. The Drone lights will flash indicating it is ready to bind to a Transmitter.
3. Turn on the Transmitter.
4. Using the Left Throttle/Yaw Stick move it to the maximum UP position and return it
back to the zero position.
Note: you must complete this process within 5 seconds of powering on the
Transmitter or you will have to restart the process.
5. The Drone LED lights will stop flashing indicating the Drone is now paired to the

You can now Press the Take Off/Landing button and tart flying.

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